Best Windows VPS Hosting

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Aug 15th, 2013

Best Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS hosting is a popular option among enterprise level websites. If your website is written in ASP or, then a window vps plan will be more compatible. Because the software on these servers is licensed, they tend to cost a little bit more (although Hostgator’s windows vps plans are amazingly cheap).

1. Ultrahosting Windows VPS

best windows vps hosting - ultrahosting

Ultrahosting’s prices are guaranteed to be the lowest.

You won’t find a more budget friendly VPS host than Ultrahosting. Why is that? With their 110% price guarantee, if you do find a better price, they will beat it by 110%. It’s a no brainer. They also have a 100% uptime guarantee on their network. The Windows VPS plans start at $24.99/month, which includes 384 MB of RAM. While this should be sufficient for most medium-traffic websites, if you want more RAM you can double it for $34.99/month. Ultrahosting also offers full remote desktop connection as well as remote reboot.
In addition to the regular Windows VPS Hosting, there are two more Windows VPS options: 1) Windows Xen VPS (open source virtualization to utilize the server’s resources) and 2) Windows Forex VPS (if you’re not a day-trader/broker then you don’t need this!).

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Use coupon code ‘Spring10′ to save 10% off their regular price plans.

2. Windows VPS Hosting

top-rated windows vps hosting -

Enterprise Level VPS Hosting is a little more pricey but that’s because their Windows servers are designed with enterprise level customers in mind. Starting at $39.99/month,’s windows servers are all equipped with Hyper-V Virtualization, which is a kind of server optimizer that allows your VPS to operate more efficiently as well as handling higher volumes of traffic. Just like Ultrahosting, offers a 100% uptime guarantee, as well as a 2-min phone response time promise. If you’re looking to host your company’s website and want a reliable, accountable VPS plan, this is a great option.

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