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Oct 30th, 2013

godaddy vps coupon

Godaddy VPS Coupon Codes for your Website

Updated for July 2014

Best Coupon Codes for Godaddy’s VPS Plans Right Now:

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    The Biggest Savings! this coupon code gives you 28% off all new products on Godaddy. When applied to VPS plans, that 32% adds up to hundreds of dollars per year. (The more years you lock in upfront, the bigger savings there will be).
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    This coupon code is almost as good: 30% off all new products with Godaddy. If you’re ordering a ton of items at once, and the first coupon code above won’t work, then give this one a try. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have all the coupons you need for a sweet deal!
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    This promo code will give you 28% off your vps hosting plan. Add that up over a year and it’s at least $100 worth of discount on the cheapest vps plans that Godaddy offers.

Godaddy VPS Coupon

Surprisingly, Godaddy has one of the most customizable VPS hosting service around: you can choose between several Windows and Linux operating systems for your server, as well as choosing your preferred control panel (i.e. cpanel).
Their VPS plans are priced around the same as other VPS hosts, but with these coupons, you can save up to 50% off their prices.
Tips for Saving:

  1. Lock in savings up front – Godaddy automatically gives you a discount for VPS plans that are 1 year or longer. Hosting companies always give the deepest discounts up front.
  2. Don’t get the SSL certificate – Godaddy gives you a free SSL certificate with all VPS plans. Don’t pay for something you were going to get for free anyway!

More about Godaddy’s VPS Hosting Service:

There are a few coupon codes out there that promise 50% off Godaddy’s hosting services. Keep in mind that those only apply to shared hosting plans, and not VPS hosting. But if you purchase multiple years, combined with the above coupon codes, you can get a 50% discount off for yourself or your company’s website.

Useful Resources:

Whoishostingthis – Has a number of customer reviews from Godaddy’s vps users.

Webhostingtalk – this is an informative threat regarding Godaddy’s vps services compared to other vps providers.

Moving from Godaddy’s shared hosting to VPS? Here’s an helpful tutorial:

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